Finding the right Wedding Cake

June 8, 2016

Planning a wedding can be an exciting yet stressful time. There are so many things to think about like, what type of dress to wear, the venue, how many guest, the menu and the cake. Oh the cake! Not only do you want a cake that looks great but taste great as well. Before deciding on the cake, do a little research and see what your options are but do not wait until the last-minute. You do not want to run the risk of bakeries being booked. Customized cakes should always be ordered weeks in advance due to any special designs you are wanting. (Do you really think the cake is made the night before the wedding?!)


Budget is often a big factor for most when deciding on a cake. Bakers or Cake Designers charge by the slice/per guest for a cake. The designer can guide you on the size of cake needed based on how many guest attending the wedding . There are wedding websites that can help you locate cake designers in your area. Many of the designers have websites where pricing and pictures of their work is provided. If there is not an actual website, more than likely there will be some sort of social media page.


Artificial Cakes
If you don’t want to break the bank on a cake then maybe you can get an artificial wedding cake. What’s an artificial cake? It is simply what it sounds like…….a fake cake. It is foam boards decorated to look like the cake of your dreams and it is possible to have the top-tier be an actual cake. If you decide on having a wedding cake, I think everyone should keep the top-tier for your one year anniversary. It’s a tradition and almost a must. If a mock cake is what you’re leaning towards then you should look for a baker who may be able to accommodate that wish.

Unfortunately mock cakes can cost a few hundred dollars depending on complexity and size plus the cost of the sheet cakes. Wait!, What? Sheet cake? Well what else are you going to serve your guest. So this is how it really works……. Take pictures with the mock cake, move cake to the kitchen area then the caterer cuts and serves the sheet cake. The guest will never know.


Supermarket Wedding Cakes
Supermarket (grocery store) bakeries are now getting into the wedding cake business. I’ve seen several local stores and a national brand offer wedding cake services to potential brides. I am not sure if you can completely customize the design but there are probably a few options for you to decide. I attended a wedding where there was a cake purchased from the supermarket and it was actually a nice cake. I didn’t get to try it but it had a nice simple and classic look.


Naked Cakes
If you absolutely refuse to have an artificial cake or a supermarket cake then maybe you can scale back on your dream design and have a simpler look. Naked wedding cakes have been gaining a lot of popularity in the recent years and will cost less than a glamorized fondant cake. A naked cake or un-iced cake is pretty much what it sounds like. There is very little icing if any surrounding the sides of the cake (there is icing between the layers) and most of the time adorned with fresh flowers, succulents or fruit. Naked cakes have a rustic feel but can be elegant when adorn with beautiful flowers.


Cupcakes have made a big come back and the delicious hand-held treats are showing up at weddings. Cupcakes may not be cost-effective but it is something different and cute especially when done right. Cupcakes almost give you the freedom to have multiple flavors and icing (frosting). The great thing about cupcakes is that you really don’t need a fork so that's saved money on flatware.


Don’t forget to bring the designer/baker all of your ideas about the wedding cake. Do you want your cake iced with buttercream, fondant or ganache? Do you want each tier to be a different flavor? Those are some basic questions the designer will ask during the tasting. Never settle on the taste and quality of cake you choose. Scale back on the design if budget is an issue but never sacrifice on taste. Keep in mind, you get what you pay for. There is nothing like a dry cake.


When hiring your caterer, ask if they provide cake cutting services and if they use their own cake knives. (Some companies will charge a cake cutting fee.) If not, you may want to buy a cheaper cake set for them to use. You do not want to scratch your cake knife especially if it is monogrammed.


You may have to provide cake plates and forks if the venue is not providing. The cake designer will most likely not provide these items for you. The caterer may be able to supply but for an additional fee.Some cake designers may supply a cake topper but providing your own will save you a few dollars. The groom should always be included in the cake tasting because it is his wedding as well (We know it’s about you!) even though he may have a groom cake. His opinion matters just as much as your does.

When your special day has arrived, don’t forget to live in the moment. All the stress and hard work has paid off for you to have this beautiful memory.


-Merci Design & Decor


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