DIY Centerpieces

June 29, 2016

Decor, decor, decor!!!!! What is the purpose?! Everyone can agree that food and beverages are a necessity to any event especially a backyard barbeque but decorating, ugh. Decorations tend to become an afterthought because we either don't have time or feel it's not necessary for our home because we went through enough just cleaning it for the party.  Decorations add to the ambiance of any event especially at home . A few years ago I made these cute centerpieces for a dessert table and received so many compliments. Trust me, I understand the feeling of not having enough time but these centerpieces can be used year after year. This project does not require a lot items and one big component are the vegetable cans in your pantry. While you are preparing dinner, the kids can help you paint.




Items needed:

4 tin cans ( from canned vegetables)

Red, White and Blue Acrylic Paint (sold in 2 oz or 8 oz bottles)

3 Foam Paint Brushes

2 Bushes of Flowers from your local craft store (I purchased the flowers from Michael's at 50% off)

4- Small Flags or Plastic Pinwheels (Optional) 

1 Metal Scrub Pad (optional)

Newspaper for protecting your surface.


Thoroughly clean and remove paper from tin cans and allow to air dry. Begin painting horizontally with red at the bottom or top of the can. Let dry for a few minutes before starting the next color. Continue until the can is completely covered.  You can also paint vertical lines or become creative with your designs.


  Over time, paint will become scratched which will add more of a rustic appeal. If you are wanting the

 rustic touch immediately then use a metal scrub pad to scratch random spots on the can. Once completely dry, add flowers and place in different areas of your home. Fresh flowers can be used instead of silk flowers and these tins are also great for flatware or paper straws. I chose silk flowers because they are easy to pull out when running low on time and can be used for years to come. This project cost less than $15 to create including silk flowers.


Happy Crafting!!

-Merci Design & Decor


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