Summer Music Playlist

June 29, 2016

Summer is here!! If you are like me, summer came out of nowhere and hit you in the head like dodge ball. Felt like I just put away the Christmas decorations but that doesn't matter because Summer 2016 is in full effect. With the summer season comes hot weather, short shorts, the beach and let's not forget BBQs. What is a summer without a great BBQ? The most important part of a BBQ is having tasty food but you can't forget about the vibe of your party. Having great music coupled with great food equals a fun time. It's so easy to let a streaming app play music for you but throw it back an create a playlist of your own. I like to create a playlist because you can customize it any way you like. Add songs that remind you of your college days or songs that you are feeling today. The possibilities are absolutely endless so have fun with it. To me, the ultimate summer song is Summertime (1991) by DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince. This song represents the ideal summer vibe. Check out the list below (not any any particular order). While all songs may not be for you but you may be able to agree on one or two. Happy Summer '16!!🎧


1. Summertime (1991)- DJ Jazzy Jeff &  The

Fresh Prince

2. Summertime Sadness (2012)- Lana Del Rey

3. Summertime (2012)- Slim Thug Feat ZRo

4. Blurred Lined (2013)- Robin Thicke

5. Hot in Herre (2002)- Nelly

6. Umbrella (2007)- Rihanna

7. Crazy in Love (2003) - Beyonce

8. My Humps (2005)- The Black Eye Peas

9. OMG (2010)- Usher

10. This is how we do it (1995)- Montell Jordan

11. Whoomp (1993)- Tag Team

12. DJ Got Us Falling in Love (2010)- Usher

13. Party Like a Rockstar (2007)- Shop Boyz

14. Rude (2015)- Magic

15. Suga Suga (2003)- Baby Bash feat Frankie J

16. U Remind Me (2001)- Usher

17. U Don't Have to Call (2001)- Usher

18. Summer Love (2007)- Justin Timberlake

19. Int'l Players Anthem (I Choose You) (2007)- UGK Feat Outkast

20. Good Life (2007)- Kanye West

21. Mo City Don Freestyle (2005)- ZRo

22. Cha Cha (2015)-Dram

23. Once Dance (2016)- Drake

24. Panda (2016)- Desiigner

25- Party (2010) - Beyonce Feat. Andre 3000



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