Wedding Emails

September 7, 2016

Have you ever told a cashier "No Thank You" when asked for your email address during check out. I know I do! Giving out your email almost feels like giving out your social security number because you want to maintain your privacy. The amounts of emails a per can receive on any given day is outrageous. So what do you do when you you're planning a wedding and vendors ask for your email address? It's simple, create an event email.


Technology has made emails the number option for vendors to send information directly to clients. Having a specific email for your upcoming event will help you stay organized on so many levels. Every important proposal, bid and contract can be sent to that particular email and located with ease. Another benefit is that the password can be shared with confidence to others who may be helping plan this big day.  Staying organized is very important when planning a wedding. If you haven't created a wedding email, maybe you should give it a shot.


Happy Planning,

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