Late Night Wedding Snacks

January 6, 2017

Have you ever attended a wedding that went on well into the night? Did you feel a slight hunger pang after dancing and sipping cocktails?  Well I can admit that I have felt that way at a wedding reception/ party and wished that there was some sort or snack. Who am I kidding, I can always use a snack.   


More and more I am hearing of late night wedding snacks being offered to guest and I become excited. That simply sounds like music to my ears but if you are the one footing the bill then you probably hear the sounds of a sledge hammer. Late Night Snacks may not be an option for budget conscious brides but there may be a way.


  Receptions can be extremely expensive especially the main course which can cost anywhere from $15- $40 on average per guest. So adding a late course may not be financially feasible especially if you want to stay within a certain budget. Depending on where receptions are held, a lot of couples opting to go from reception to after party in the same venue. That is almost ingenious. Why stop the party and move to another location especially when the fun may just be  beginning . Here comes a money saving tip... Some of your guest will not make it to the end of the party so having a late night snack may be a viable option for you. You would know your crowd better than anyone  but it may be safe to say that it would be acceptable to order late night snacks for a little more that half of your guest count. BAM!!! Money saved. The late night snack should be offered about an hour before the end of the reception. That way your guest can have something to eat right before heading home or up to their hotel room.


  There are so many options when it comes to what should be served. You can either go savory or sweet and if you want to go all out, why not offer both.  Think along the lines of bite size or foods on a stick. That would eliminate the need for plates and utensils. At this point of your event, keeping it disposable is the better option because it calls for less clean up.  A popcorn or dessert station with an assortment of sweets may be an alternative to having passed snacks. As mentioned in the party favor post, dessert stations can actually be a sweet alternative for party favors.  By doing a sweets station that  could serve a dual purpose and help with the wedding budget especially if you are wanting to offer favors and late night snacks.  I have listed a few items that may be fun and bring some nostalgia to your guest. 


Late Night Wedding Snack Options:


Mini Corn Dogs

Mini Hot Dogs

Mini Tacos

Mini Quesadillas

Funnel Cakes

Cotton Candy




Milk & Cookies

French Fries



Happy planning and remember to live in the moment.



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