Rustic Weddings- A Trend that may never vanish

January 4, 2017

  Burlap, lace, wood and fresh greenery are necessities in the making of a rustic wedding.  I must admit, I never really understood what rustic weddings were until a couple of years ago. Working as a catering manager in Houston, Texas, every 2 out of 3 weddings I book have rustic theme.


  Rustic weddings aren't just bales of hay and cowboy boots, there is actually levels to a rustic wedding. You have Rustic Casual where you may actually have the wedding at a working farm and there might just be some bales of hay laying around. Then there is Rustic Chic. In my opinion I would say 90 % of rustic weddings are Rustic Chic. What is Rustic Chic? Rustic Chic blends country with elegance. Does that make sense? Let's put it this way... mason jar beverages with lace table runners. That may be a weird analogy but I think you get it, right? Or let's try this... Rustic Chic was probably created by a couple who could not compromise on rustic or elegance for their wedding.


 Living in the Houston area, I have seen an increase of rustic venues near the city.  As the old saying goes "Everything's bigger in Texas" for me that means everything is farther away. Living in the city's west side, the closest venue would be about 25 minutes away which is not too bad. I would definitely say that the influx of rustic venues fit the Rustic Chic criteria and  were probably created based off this theme. Texas is not all cowboys and cattle as some may think but with the rise of Rustic Chic it may seem that way. 


  There are so many decorations options and food choices that are budget friendly for Rustic Chic Weddings. Who needs a bartender when you can set up tea and infused water in a beverage dispenser then place beer bottles in troughs for self service. Baby's breath can be costly but very inexpensive in comparison to fresh floral arrangements and look great especially surrounded by candles. Save on Crafts ( has tons of items that would look great for rustic weddings especially  wooden slabs that could be used as risers on a dessert table. 


  I believe that Rustic Chic may be here to stay!! If you reside in the Houston area and planning a Rustic Chic wedding, here are a few venues that may be interesting to you.


The Springs- Katy ( Formally Pecan Springs)

.Big Sky Barn,  Montgomery, TX

The Barn at Four Pines, Crosby, TX

The Springs have four locations in the Houston area including the one listed above.


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