Party Favors your Guest will actually Appreciate

January 3, 2017

  Birthdays, Showers and weddings are a few occasions where you may give your guest a party favor. Deciding what favor to give can sometimes cause a slight headache and mini meltdown. If you are planning an event , d think along the lines of practical. We have all gotten those favors that ends up in a junk drawer or just tossed in the trash.  Give your guest something they can use after the event such as a wine glass for a wedding or a hangover kit after a bachelorette/ bachelor party. Try to stay away from customizing items with the event name because people are less likely to use an item beyond the event if there is a special occasion branded on it unless it's a shot glass (Everybody Shots! Shots! Shots!).


  If you decide to give away a wine glass or mason jar mugs try and  add a paper tag around the base or handle.That will give it some excitement and also save money without etching each glass.  Candy or dessert tables are other great ways to say thank you to your guest and not to mention quite tasty.  There are so many things that can be done without the cliche wedding napkin. Depending on what type of event you have and theme, the possibilities could be endless so get creative but remember to have fun.


Photo Credit: Internet & Merci Sweets, Treats & Design



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