Wedding Registry

January 18, 2017

Planning a wedding can be an exciting yet daunting task. There are so many decisions to be made and setting up a registry may be the least of your worries.


In my opinion, I think every couple should have a registry. Why? Well you have spent so much money and time planning this amaing party so why not get items for your new home which helps you from spending more money.Technology has made it even easier by allowing you to complete most registries online. You can find awesome items right from the comfort of your own home but what's the fun in that. Going out to each store has it's benefits, one being that you can see the item(s) in person. You can feel and visualize it in your space. Another perk is that some stores offer personal assistance in setting up your registry. Sometimes it is good to converse with a person rather than relying on FAQs from the store's website.


Crate and Barrel (which I love) frequently host private registry events where you are given a brief introduction to the store and benefits of a registry but not to mention the giveaway drawings and goodie bags. The private event is only for those couples who RSVP so it's almost like having the store to yourself. A lot of stores may offer private events so just ask about the perks from registering with them.


Once you have decided on the store(s) you must decide what to add to the registry? Some stores such as Bed, Bath and Beyond offers a wedding registry guide that gives you ideas on newlyweds may need. Most guides gives you an idea of the quantity to request for each item. Couples who have had separate homes or even lived together may feel that they have everything they need and may only want money. Money is an acceptable thing to ask for but the bigger question is how. This is a topic for a later date. In lieu of money, you can register for gift cards so yo are able to shop on your leisure. A Target gift card can go a very long way.


When selecting items, don't be skeptical about adding expensive items to your list. You may be shocked because someone may just gift you with that All-Clad stainless steel 10 piece cookware set.The worst thing that could happen is not getting everything on your registry so in that case you will have to acquire that on your own.  Please be mindful when adding items to your registry. You want to have a mix of low and high end items because you never want to plan the pockets of your guest. Don't alienate some of your guest with outlandish and extravagant items.\Gift giving for a wedding is proper etiquette but it is not a mandatory law. You know your guest better than anyone so adding expensive items may be acceptable so register accordingly.


A few things I think every newlywed couple should have is a set of formal china for a minimum of 6 guest (Some say 12 but I think you can to start with 6.) , crystal or quality stemware, a premium bedding set and quality bath towels. Use this opportunity to upgrade some things you have as well then give your older items away to allow space for your new items. Whatever you decide, have fun doing it. 



Happy Planning!









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