Simple Entertaining - Wine Swap Party

October 9, 2017


There are so many types of parties these days. Some are simple and fun while others can seem weird and complicated. While surfing the web one day, I came across a Wine Swap Party. Being a wine drinker and avid home entertainer, I found it quite interesting and couldn't believe I hadn't heard of this until now. So of course I had to host my version of wine swap party.


While there are a couple of rules that must be met, this is the type of party that you can let your creativity run wild. I did just that! I'm always looking for ways to push the creativity and out do the previous event.


A typical Wine Swap Party is where invited guest would bring two identical bottles of their favorite wine. One to share/taste and one to be given away. Each person would leave the event with a new wine. I mean how exciting is that?!


I began to brainstorm different ideas and how I could put my own spin on this event. Looking on Pinterest , I came across several ideas with one being wine glass bases painted with chalkboard paint. This was such a cool idea and I become more excited so I began to create my invitation. I  decided to used Paperless Post to send guest invites.

Invites went out so now what's on the menu became my next obsession. I have to have food, it’s like a must for me. I cannot invite people to my home without having something to eat. I knew I didn't want to have a heavy meal so I decided on ligt bites. Cheese pairs well with wine so I used that as a base and expanded a little further. I decided on a modified charcuterie board, chocolate candy, spinach and artichoke dip, pinwheels, vegetables cups and my famous pizza bruschetta (recipe to come) along with white sangria and infused water. 


Not forgetting about the chalkboard wine glasses, I started on that task. I’d purchased these cute 5 oz glasses some time ago from ikea and painted the base with chalkboard paint.


Once the girls arrived, we mingled and had a bite then it was time for the fun. Each person was given two glasses (one for white and one for red) and wrote their names or a cute phrase on the base. In no particular order, everyone introduced their wine and the sampling began. I used some of my wine knowledge to give basics on the varietals. Of course continuous eating was encouraged throughout the tastings.


At the end of the evening, some picked a bottle to take home while I was lucky enough to keep the rest. While I think the event was a success, I will make a few adjustments for the next wine swap. Remember, the only real rule is to have wine and the rest is up to you so be creative as possible. Until next time...


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