Simple Life Hacks- Wine Storage

February 8, 2017




Saving money is a priority for most of us and something we think about when planning a large purchase. How awesome would it be to have a limitless amount of cash and purchase any and everything you want? Great, right?! Unfortunately I don't live in that reality so I typically research for the best deal before making big purchases. 


  For almost a year, I searched for wine storage that could match my style and not stretch my wallet. The words "Life Hack" were appearing everywhere and the light bulb went off. After some reasearch, I found inspiration to create my own. I wanted to save money but I also wanted something that would match the decor in the that room.  I needed the wine storage  to not only store wine but store glasses and decanters as well so a bookcase was clearly the best choice.


  Deciding on the type of bookcase became a bigger obstacle than I thought. So many freaking choices in a bookcase but the cost factor is what helped me to reel it in. I immediately knew that I did not want to spend over $50 for a bookcase that was to be used for wine only so I went to Target. There I found a black, three shelf bookcase for under $20. BINGO!!!!!


After assembling the shelf, I placed a counter wine holder on one of the shelves. Added

some glasses, decanters, a wine chiller and of course the wine then voila.  It was exactly what I needed. So for under $20, I now had gained more counter space and all of the wine and extra glasses were accounted for in one area. The cool thing about using a bookcase is that you can decide on the height of each shelf and you could also add a decorative touch to the back of the case by adding decorative wall paper or cardstock (cheapest option). Overall, I am happy with this option and I did not have to break the bank.


Happy Decorating!!





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